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Southern Winds Marketing is a company found by our CEO Kabelo Johannes Kekana, who has sales, leadership and people development experience. We currently have 30 plus people that we are developing and getting them ready to start their own businesses in South Africa. We are an international affiliate of the Limitless Group, born of SZ Marketing and mentored by Lagranson International. We believe in people's development and that the only limitations one can set are in the mind.

Southern Winds Markerting is Focusing on direct, face-to-face sales through event based marketing and business-to-business solicitations. We have increased the customer base for clients in the Merchant Service industries. Let’s face it, in this day and age, consumers have many options hence, they are much more selective with their purchases. Although television, radio, print, telesales, leaflets, mailers and the Internet can create brand awareness, the way your company makes money is through results, customers give by buying your product or service, period!

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The meetings take place at the location of the customer. That’s the great part about Southern Winds. The customer doesn’t come to us, we go to the customer.

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